“I’m gonna make a change
For once in my life
It’s gonna feel real good
Gonna make a difference
Gonna make it right”

And here I stand repeating those words…

When you reach out, the right people will reach back in (if they don’t they just aren’t the right ones on the right time.) You might want to ask yourself what your intentions are before you do, what you put out there comes back to you! I changed my perspective of the world by expecting less (I wish I could stop expecting at all, but hé… only human.) I started to give, just small bits and pieces. Sometimes my artistic products, sometimes my time and sometimes just a kind word. I wanted to be the man in the mirror.

Just like one day last June. I saw a picture, a picture of a woman I love, adore.  It was of a dear friend, Jennifer (mijn knuffelpot). She’s a whole different story, anybody knowing her understands why. She feeds my vibe!

I Am Love Candles
I Am Love custom candles set

Her picture captivated me. It looked powerful, fearless and yet full of love. I re posted it on my Facebook because I felt it had to be seen, she had to be seen (it even inspired one of my blogs.) The artist, photographer, had to be seen. They’re beautiful women (persons) and the picture was just so strong. Every picture on the website spoke to me in a different way. I felt the message I AM LOVE and love needs to shared.

“No message could have been any clearer
If you want to make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself and then make the change”

Apparently photographer and fellow artisan Hester Baks was  touched by my words as I was by her powerful photographs. We conversed about our “who, whats and why’s.” Our motives, our organisations, rising businesses, awareness and passion was shared, felt! I AM LOVE & 2ndLife Curacao were brought together. Both were trying to spread positivism and love. Both were reaching for a dream. We connected, two worlds far apart but still so close. AmsterdamCuracao suddenly seemed just a few seconds apart. As we parted our (social media) ways I knew I wanted to make her an I AM LOVE set to show my appreciation for her art, for her being a human being. I just needed to give so she could receive and keep on giving to others what she was giving. Her dream, a platform for expression and all with a powerful theme. I AM LOVE! That’s me, I am love, I want to give it, I want to receive it. As long as I can remember I craved for it. And now, I just do it. I spread it and sometimes it sprays back…

That same evening, I  sent her a picture of my custom-made set for her. I explained why I made her the set and that I hoped she continued her project. I told her once more how much I loved her pictures and hoped that my gift to her would feed her inspiration, give her more power to create, move her to even more greatness because that was what her platform did for me. Not that I think that I have such powers or that magic comes out of my fingers, but I believe that the message of love can do amazing things to somebody. I have felt what it has done for me…

(When I was in the hospital, barely being able to move, I promised you that if I ever was going to get out of that bed I would make as much people feel as loved as I had felt by the support of others. That I was going to be the best me I could ever be. And these were the moments, the chances. Andy 2.0)


Tuesday July 14th (2015) I received the package I already knew that was coming. Hester had asked me what I wanted a cap or a shirt and although my first response wanted to be “nothing” I immediately realized the power of receiving is just as important as giving. So I typed “medium, black, t-shirt” and swallowed my “but”. The mail was slow and Hester and my patience was tested, she had received her package in a week and a half and mine took about a month (Caribbean time…) So when I saw the mail man (why isn’t it mail male?) force a package into our mailbox I just felt it. She was here, not physical, but in spirit. I sprinted outside, tripping over my dog and stumbled to my mailbox with my gangster limp without cane and there it was; that black sticker. I AM LOVE.


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“I’m starting with the man in the mirror
I’m asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you want to make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself, and then make a change

 I’ve been a victim of a selfish kind of love
It’s time that I realize
That there are some with no home, not a nickel to loan
Could it be really me, pretending that they’re not alone?

 A willow deeply scarred, somebody’s broken heart
And a washed-out dream
They follow the pattern of the wind ya’ see
‘Cause they got no place to be
That’s why I’m starting with me”


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