She is beautiful. She is wild. She is calm. She is wise. She is strength. She is Wasabi!

She is Jennifer and I love her for all that she is and she is always too much and never enough.


She is as powerful as she is beautiful.
By Hester Baks Photography for I AM LOVE

She was unknown, other than that she used to do the job I was supposed to be doing. Youth station coordinator at our national library. We connected on Facebook but never contacted. She had moved to Amsterdam as I watched over Waaigat.  We left it in the middle for when maybe we needed each other one day.

5 years passed and the connection grew. We had seen bits and pieces of each other, online, but never spoken a word. As I reached out to the world, she reached in and others acknowledged that contact as we grew closer from far away. When she would step back on her rock she promised to visit and that is when I welcomed her home. Our first hug was one of long-lost friends. That one connection that you know “she, can handle my soul”. Our first “date” planned unplanned. She swept me off my feet and put me back on the ground.

She was like a lioness without a pride. She was my desert rose. My wild horse. And still my zen when she looks at me and tells me with her eyes how proud she is of me.

We are not your ordinary friends. Jennifer lives on Bonaire now and is closer than ever yet still too far away. We differ in so many ways. She’s more banda bou, I’m more banda riba. She’s more outgoing, her spirit shines, our skin colorcolor differs and so many others believesbelieves cross our thoughts it would seem impossible to reach each other. She is  also one of the rainbow people (gay, lesbian, dyke, whatever… go look it up yourself) and she’s the proof that being out of the ordinary makes us beautiful.

I love her equally. She is my Wasabi.  And she brings power with every visit to me.

Music of choice: Tanita Tikaram – Twist in my sobriety