Tonight is the award ceremony of JCI IOBA (Aspiring) Creative Young Entrepreneur Award. Two competitions, one venue. Sponsored by Banco di Caribe.

The “aspiring” one (in which I take part with 2ndLifeCuracao) for the future entrepreneurs and the main event for the more settled entrepreneurs (that have processed the “aspiring” stage in their progress.)

As you are reading this, I’ll be at the Marriott Hotel waiting, watching and biting nails (I don’t really bite nails.) The ceremony starts at 7.30 pm till 11 pm (but he… Island time.)


I can’t say I’m not nervous for I’m no liar. Admitting I don’t care if I win or lose would also be far from the truth. However participating makes us all a winner for heaving the guts to put it all out there. To spend all these minutes (hours, if not days) preparing, writing plans, rewriting plans, biting nails and growing them back and still have to wait what three judges think of your business. Your idea, your baby.

Three times I almost jumped out of my skin and three times I leaped back in (thank you Angela & Renske!) brushing and touching up the sharp edges as my body started to protest against any involvement in any of this.

As I’m writing this (and wondering if it was really necessary to put myself in this situation,) I’m laying on my bed resting for tonight but the pain won’t let me.

While you are reading this I’ll be wiggling my butt on an uncomfortable chair trying to not let the pain get away with me. And still all I’m thinking is:

If I lose, it was a hell of a ride that I didn’t wanted to miss. I learned what I want and don’t want for the future of 2ndLifeCuracao. I learned that I’m capable of something I wasn’t sure off.” (thank you again Angela & Renske!)

And also:

If I win… I’m just starting. A win doesn’t mean anything if you don’t squeeze the max out of it. A win isn’t a win until I have my products all the way in Australia. A win doesn’t mean anything unless I comply with what I promised.

So if I win or lose, I won anyway. I won Restaurant Sambal, I won 27 Bar & Terrace, I won Teatro Luna Blou, Galeria Alma Blou and a soon to present store. I won hearts in Bonaire, Curaçao, the Netherlands, Canada, USA and even Sweden (I see you cuz.) I won the trust and enthusiasm of my parents, my brother, my sisters.

But most of all, I won me. Again. Again. And again. Win or lose. I still have to battle the nerve pains, the sciatica, the hamstrings and my knees. I still have to convince the doctors and discuss with the physical therapists. I still will have to get up the next morning and start the fight again. I will be closer though to helping my fellow “cripples” and my island.

Tonight is just an acknowledgement of a sword fight that took place a week and a half ago and of all the battles before that.

Whatever happens…

I know, I won life!

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Music of choice: Levi Silvanie – GsMeMiss (Bo mes sa bro)