It were words.

It isn’t so much about love. It isn’t weakness. It isn’t about what it wasn’t but it is a way to embrace life.

It was an adventure as you could only imagine as you were riding the rollercoaster. As it went up and round, side to  spin, upside down and drops with a speed that makes you puke yet everything feels so tingling and nice.

It has a simple four letter word. It’s called “life”.Andy Kirchner GsMeMiss

It comes with other four letter words influenced by love and hate. It comes with surprises. Spoilers, because it’s you already knowing the end. Even if not, it’s still you. Your choices without you ever realizing it. Telling you; You go on. You go left or … You turn right. You’ve seen where it ends in darkness or light. Whether you believed it or preferred the lie. You choose and disembark in the direction of choice.

So I chose…

I chose to build. An air castle, a sand yard and paint my clouds whiter than white and my lightning bolts brighter than bright.

I chose to live, to write, to create and to give it all away. I chose to create a thunder that will resonate in her name.

I chose to love. That way the memories will always stay.


Music of choice: Ben Harper – With my own two hands