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August 2015

Rebuilding my world

Last Sunday I had an epiphany. I walked for more than an hour for the first time (do you know how much things you can think about in that time frame?). It wasn't just a walk though. It was supposed... Continue Reading →

Change your personal settings

It's already been a week since I stood in front of a group of teens. Correction, 3 groups of +/- 60 teens. In this last week I barely had the time to reflect what that day meant. I'm on a... Continue Reading →

What I’ve changed on my way to 2.0

Breathing! Yes, breathing. It's as simple as it sounds except for when you really need to do it, except, you don't know how... How can something so natural, so basically necessary be so crucial in your change? Again, it's simple.... Continue Reading →

#Superando – Joining the team

"Levi, Levi, you don't know me but I need to thank you. I want to shake your hand. You inspired me, bro. During my rehabilitation your music motivated me to take responsibility. To accept change. You rock dude!" His eyes looked... Continue Reading →


Zenuwen splijten, mensen zeuren of begrijpen. Wat niet weet, wat niet deert. Hoor je ze zeggen. En, wat men wel weet, is in gedachte vaak verkeerd. Alles lijkt zo makkelijk te vergaan, in dezelfde gedachte, maar niet in het bestaan.... Continue Reading →

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