Fresku looking with me at the future
Fresku looking with me at the future

Last Sunday I had an epiphany. I walked for more than an hour for the first time (do you know how much things you can think about in that time frame?). It wasn’t just a walk though. It was supposed to be a stroll through Parke Den Dunki and maybe, maybe, reach the salt plains of Jan Thiel. But then, I remembered I was me. I don’t do things the ordinary way (pirate…) And something special was going on inside me. So it became a full force hike pushing myself. Loving my ability, loving my motion, loving my life.

My (+/- 8 month old) pup Fresku (Papiamento for Fresh) accompanied me (his first time to the park and plains). It turned out to be my first hike and mostly because I had somebody else with me (us). She was the spice of the day and my courage to take a hundred steps more. It couldn’t have been better or any weirder because the day just felt complete. Everything was right. Yet, so out-of-place. I was walking with my girlfriend and pup in the wilderness like it was an everyday thing but still it felt so special. So freeing.

I stepped over rocks and trees that I hadn’t seen for Editmore than 4 years. Sentiments told me how much I missed it all. Meanwhile, I didn’t fall or lose my balance. I barely dragged my feet, except for he last 300 meters or so when my legs where burning away underneath me. My oh so cool Fresku walked behind or next to me as if he had to make every single step count even more. Breathing with them. Drooling with them And my friend, my camerawoman, and dog wisperer when needed, made me feel loved and strong. She is the kind of woman who would let me fall, for I choose to not be weak (and stubborn), but be right by my side to help me get up if I’d needed her help.

That’s why I dared to take another step this day and they let me rediscover the world. As an adventurer I trotted through the woods that once used to be my backyard. I felt the need to share this beauty of Den Dunki as I felt so perfect in place with them, right there in that bewildered piece of natural art. I was loved, yet I was free.

Set goals, set steps, take chances.
Live, love, laugh all the way.
Don’t ask “Why me?”
Don’t cry because it’s you.

Take, to give back.
Give and don’t ask for a return.
Fight, not for war or for peace, but for love,
for you heart and who you carry in there.

Nobody or nothing is made to please you ,
but you are here to please the world.

I stopped looking for a lot of things a couple of years ago. I decided to change the way I think. Instead of wishing for a better life, I started building one. I changed the way I look at situations. I don’t ask what I deserve anymore. I give for what I think is deserved to be given. I don’t expect anything less than just another try at one day. However, I choose to take that one day and create it into something beautiful. A smile, an art, fill it with strength, love, beauty. Whatever is at hand. I choose to give that to my mom, my dad, to enrich my day and my surroundings and don’t expect anything in return. But it did return…

This small puppy walked into my yard, sick, hungry and thirsty, barking at everything in his way. Now he is a bundle of joy that became my daily shadow (and tries to discuss his rules and eat my food like a real pirate dog should). He makes me smile even more when he trips over his own paws just to be close to me, his human. I found love in a woman (as she helped me take care of  this needy little creature) who sees me for me. Who makes me reflect what kind of man I am. I found joy in things that normally would’ve been a scare. I didn’t adjust my view on life, life adjusted me (slowly) with it.

I gave my day a smile and hoped it would eventually smile back. This Sunday it did (again). It gave me love, like it would water a plant. It made me love my world, even more, for what it is. A world of wonder needing a breath of change.

I have tons of hopes and I’m using them as blocks as I rebuild this world where I wish to live in.

Music of choice: Ben Harper & Jack JohnsonWith My Own Two Hands

I can change the world

With my own two hands

Make a better place

With my own two hands

Make a kinder place

Oh- with my

Oh- with my own two hands

With my own

Oh- with my own two hands

With my own

With my own two hands