I wonder why I feel the need to write and bother you all (y’all, for my “other” friends) with my posts. But here I am still typing and pushing my words on all these social media outlets while smiling in your faces. I know I’m bare naked in a world that tries to cover everybody up. Everybody screams “individuality” but we are all looking for a place to belong.

I thought it would be nice to reflect this time. To explain what’s coming. To sneak peek the plans for the future, to uncover myself yet again. Although these are conversations with myself that I sort of share, I get a lot responses of people who apparently appreciate my weirdness (really?) So let’s throw a look over our shoulders and rub our glass ball.

Looking back:
The last three (make it five) months were crazy (and I should write that in capitals). So much has happened and so much more has been planned. Beginning my blog was to find myself (read: Keep myself) while being in all this turmoil. Writing has always been a nice way to soothe my thousand thoughts and keep to my storyline. And again it has helped wonderfully. It helped me maintain balance. I did it way before I posted it publicly and I  let a soul or two take a peek. However, when your friends live all over the globe, these media platforms make it easier to share your stories. It also got me to interact with people who I normally wouldn’t see because of busy schedules and very long distances. “Blog it, blog it!” They said. Meanwhile, I saw doors open because people were interested in what happened during my “resurrection” and that in turn opened doors for others, or at least gives me the opportunity to open doors for them in the future. And that is how we got here.

So that brings us to the future. What to expect:
Having expectations is a dangerous thing. They create assumptions. and bad assumptions kill good intentions. (You can quote me one that one). I plan to publish a couple of blogs about what really happened during our accident and the aftermath. How I found myself in all that rubble and build up a new existence. The meaning of The Recycled Pirate and how I see the development of us as a society.

For the near future however I plan to keep writing between the build up of my business(es)(Buccaneer’s Enterprises BV, 2ndLife Curaçao and The Recycled Pirate). I will explain why three and not just one (I’m not greedy). What and how I plan to accomplish the goals and high standards I set for myself and my endeavors. Meanwhile I’ll still keep rehabilitating and work on my pain management. I’ll keep creating awareness for living (and sport) with disabilities, our environment and being crafty with waste management and most of all life awareness. It sounds so out of the world “life awareness” but I had the time to observe and learn as I chose my part to play in this life.

It is and will stay weird: these adjustments made in what supposed to be my life and what I chose it to be. Now it seems like I’m living the life of an other person. I know some have 2nd thoughts about my “big change”, but your thoughts are not mine.

So there you have it, I’m documenting all of this to show the weird and beautiful turns of life. The acceptation progress and an outreach to show we are not as alone as it seems. Is it worth writing all this? Reading all this?

You decide! I’m just human and I’m trying to bring back humanity in a self-observing way. I just want to show how we human and push it all in our face.

Do you want a better future?

Be honest. Clean up mistakes. One by one. And rebuild your castle. Brick by brick.


Music of choice: Nathan and Eva Leach – Hero (Family of the Year cover)

Let me go

I don’t wanna be your hero

I don’t wanna be a big man

Just wanna fight like everyone else

Your masquerade

I don’t wanna be a part of your parade

Everyone deserves a chance to

Walk with everyone else