I love myself. Unconditionally.

There I said it. Publicly. Hate me. Love me. It doesn’t matter.
It doesn’t change who or what I am

I forgave myself. For all the wrong I’ve done. And to the people surrounding me, there is no more wrong. There is no more pain. There is no more hatred. There is no more loss.

Love. Acceptance. Understanding. Willingness. Difference.

It’s been a path for four years. I think it started the week before my accident (May 19th 2012), there was a wave of awareness. Suddenly things fell into place and then… *BAM*

In the meanwhile I have become aware. I grew, unexpectedly, into a yogi, a zen master. I learned to breathe. I became one with my world. With my surroundings. I accepted all that is not good. And I embraced all that was well. And achieved to create a better me and be understanding.

I try to be the best human being I could ever be. By thought, and by action.

I felt the need to improve me. Not just for me, but for the world I wanted to leave behind. I felt the need to balance what I do. What I think. What I feel. What is real? What is interfered with by the “outside” world? And in the midst of that epiphany the world exploded right in front of me, life changed. Life was lost. And life was created.

What was the perspective of me taking all control? I didn’t (still don’t) expect it to be easy. I just know that I am doing it, and it will (it already does) get better as I progress on this path.

The Recycled Pirate is about recycling life. Becoming that beautiful person triggered to do good with all the thoughts, the feelings, the influences, the disproportion(s) of our lives. What if, why do, why won’t…

What if I willed it? How strong will I become?

I will put in, what I want out.

It is time for the next chapter.



Music of choice: Antonio Vivaldi – The Four Seasons

Antonio Vivaldi – The Four Seasons