Grow Stronger:
Learn your weakness. Fight with your power and grow your strength. Body, mind and spirit.
Push yourself harder than you have ever done before, for you need results you never thought you were able to achieve.

Get Smarter:
Know what you do, whatever you want to do, and be honest in what you can do. Prepare yourself for a better version of you and you will improve your future.

Become Wiser:
See more. Hear more. Feel more. Talk more. Laugh more. Love more. Share more. Realize more. Be wiser with all you’ve come to know.

Feel Better:
Not everything you feel is real. Choose what you want and how you want it. Feel that. Let the rest go. Embrace yourself, your inner self. Don’t let doubts decide your path.

Tell your story. Share your ideas. Become an inspiration and let inspiration feed you. Open your heart and your heart will fill and spill.

Be Genuine:
Be real. Be honest. Always tell the truth or don’t speak at all. Let painful words slide for they have to be said to solve the pain. Don’t fear , your truth is free.

Be You:
You are enough. In the most simple form, you are life. Reach out and something will reach in. If not, learn from the silence. You don’t need healing. You need you.

Be of Value:
Don’t try to find or to force value. You can’t be “successful” for that is only the outer shell. Be of value and create it from within.

Be Grateful:
You do nothing alone. Give and receive. Share and win. Or keep and lose. Thank everything and everybody that participates. In good or in bad, without these lessons you couldn’t be who you are today.

Be Disciplined:
Get up. Repeat. Get up. Get it done. Get it out of the way. Get it over with and feel that sense of achievement. That is the rush of success. Feel how value increases every time you succeed.

With all this, create a home. Your place to be safe, to retreat, to reload. Create where you can create and you can live without having to survive.


Music of Choice: The Black Keys – Weight of Love – Lyrics

You’ll be on my mind
Don’t give yourself away
To the weight of love
You’ll be on your side
Don’t give yourself away
The weight of, weight of love