Yoga… Who would’ve thought…

I haven’t skipped my morning routine for almost two years.

Breathe, stretch.Gentle pull.

Wait… Relief. Smile. Wow!

During my recovery I needed to re-learn to breathe to deal with my constant pains, to do deeper stretches. To gain strength during (body)weight training. To do this I had to let go of fears, embrace the “good” pains and find a balance. The harmony, as I learned later in my progress. I had no clue, something so basic, so natural would be so powerful. Everything I am capable of, is because I breathe. I breathe deep.

This path has brought me, to me. My inner balance. My inner strength. My inner believe. Yoga is not doing the most impossible postures, Yoga is becoming one with your surroundings. A harmony with acceptance of what is and what’s not and what will come to be.

Nobody can offend me, hurt me or touch me unless I let it happen. Nobody can make me happy, create a smile or make a success of my day unless I, make, or let it happen.

I’m in balance to accept the bad and rule the good.

I’ve started my days the last years with yoga every morning without skipping a day. I don’t need much, sometimes when I need to push it a bit, ten minutes will suffice, for I spend time on me. It’s a high-end investment with simple needs, air and a calm me.

I feel my body and stretch my mind (It’s also my meditation.) Most days it’s 20 minutes and on good days more. I don’t keep a timer, I don’t count moves. It is every breath.
To be so in tune with myself to allow myself to wake in such powerful way, is the best gift I’ve given myself. So I switched it up a notch when my mat started to leave trails of foam around the house. Purple flakes of my mat, everywhere I walked. In October 2015 I bought the Manduka Pro Graphite 85 inch /215.9 cm Yoga mat. And I’ve been in love with a rubber mat since. I cherish it with every touch. As soon as I align my feet on the mat I’m in my zone.


It inspired my favorite work so far as I wanted to build a night altar where I could find rest and knowledge for my busy mind. With the Yin Yang and , came the Hamsa, also known as the Hamesh or the hand of Fatima. It symbolises protection and for me, mostly, protection for knowledge and growing into that person that will grow more beautiful with every lesson learned. Taking the best and most wise with me. My way to brighten my world, protect my love and share my knowledge as a survivor. A creator. I’m not a floater, nor a dreamer.

I live in the here and now and live for a better life that can be shared with many that can’t. Yoga has opened my lungs, my mind, my hips. Yoga has made me grow strong. And if I could give you a gift for life I would love to give you this;

Sit straight or stand tall, close your eyes. Feel, feel your body, your feet, your hands, the air on your skin and breathe. Deep. Deeply, through your nose, till you fill your lungs. Exhale and let go of everything that is within you. Feel it release. Don’t hold back. Breathe again, nose, deep, fill your lungs and feel that joy. That life. That option to choose for you. Breathe. Breathe this way till you conquered all your fears, all your foolishness, and breathe this air full of life. Till the day that you die.

Music of Choice: Istvan SkyThe Butterfly Song

The Song of the Butterfly – Amazing message from the Sky

He talks about the secrets of the healing sounds like this: “The healing sound is born in a deep meditative state. Just sit in silence in nature. Let the ancient cosmic harmony probe deeply into your heart. Breathe slowly and listen to the songs of trees, plants and birds.

Breathe together with spring, be the unfolding flower, breathe together with summer, with the miracle of completeness.

Breathe together with autumn, with the passing of time and breathe together with the quiet stillness of winter. “