I see them…

The posts, the comments, the headlines and the TV shows.

And I hear them…

The stories, the chatter, the gossip. The complaint and the murmurs. The sighs, the shits and G#d%$#* &^#@##$@%^*#! (Censored for your own good.)

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Photography by Leonid Antonia

They don’t touch me. Not as much, no more. They certainly don’t reflect me. They don’t express the feelings the way they have in the past. They’re part of a world out there that’s important, but not all saying. I decided how I wanted to live. How much hatred I let in and how much love I spread. How I measure myself and how your measurement of me might reflect back on me. This is not an easy task, it is really a choice.

I was born before all this internet madness and we didn’t know as much as we get to know now a days. So I still don’t need to know everything that goes on around the world. I choose my knowledge, and what I share. I did that before the internet was the cool place to be and I will choose to keep that path. 

I stood on stages and proclaimed my words. I hung my poetry on message boards and shared my love. I observed the people reading and how it changed their day. So I took my “fear” and threw it away (over and over again.) I mailed, in real envelopes with real post stamps, my stories to pen friends. Hanged them on bathroom walls to share with whoever needed a word of love or wisdom. Even though I was scared, and wanted to hide every time somebody approached me, I knew I had done right…

I love to hide and be alone in my shade. To talk to myself and grow tall in thoughts and shrink in fears. I can conquer giants and fly on clouds. I can dig to the dark corners of my hell, burn worlds before I resurrect them myself. If I wished it, that is.

But I’ve chosen to let it all for what it was. I chose for a stronger me that would only build and no longer burn. I leveled the playing field, so I would have a more realistic view of the life we are living. I choose to connect or not at all. I prefer a real touch than a conversation in thin air.

I choose how I am seen. I don’t want to be remembered for a complaint, or for the years I watched a cold war going on in my mind. I don’t want to be reminded of all the dead nor the living. Only for the memories they left behind. I want to see the world for what I can hold, touch, grasp. I am the here and now. I am what I give. I am what I allow to receive.

I live in the world that I can share and it is magic. I see creations. People standing and applauding. I see people loving and caring. I feel people. They want to share more but they are lost in a false sense of life. There are no right answers other than the right questions, and those make you challenge you.

I show you this in my world because I make that choice.

I show you my world to help us, each, choose (y)ours.

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Find your strength

Fight for peace

There’s a light

In your release

Let love win

Just give in

The next is bright

So you can see…

The answer