Everyone knows, or should understand, what recycling is. Most people know why we recycle and why need to recycle some more. Jack Johnson wrote a pretty nice song about it, however, The Recycled Pirate is not so much about recycling as most people think.
It is confusing, I agree. I promote recycling. One of my business ventures is about recycling and I work for Green Force, also a recycling company, but The “Recycled” Pirate is about something else. Something new. Something different. The first sign is in the title, it is “Recycled” in the past form. It has already been done…

“What has been done?”

Let me explain…

I wasn’t always who I seem to be now. I wasn’t always so confident about myself. I wasn’t so good about communicating my thoughts, and most of all I wasn’t able to control or deal with many of my emotions. I was an insecure boy that tried real hard to convince himself and the world that I was who I thought I was. However, on the inside, insecurities and anxiety ate me alive. Till one day something changed. Actually, everything changed. I laid in a bed not able to move and I saw all these people talking and moving around me as if my life was over. As if my meaning in this world would disappear under the blankets in a damp white hospital room. Confronted with these demonizing thoughts I suddenly saw only two ways out; Death, but how  was that an option? Or, becoming the best version of me. I didn’t want to end meaning nothing to the world I had been living on. The world that I loved but had so much difficulty to understand.

I took the little bit of life that was left of me and I went to change it. I had to do everything different I had ever done before. I had to see everything with open eyes, a wide open mind and a loving forgiving heart.

I set on a new path of RECYCLING (my) LIFE!

The old life would never suffice. It had already been lived. I had seen death, despair, pain, sorrow, and all the other demons that came with them. I had felt darkness deep inside me for way too long and that had to be enlightened for I wanted to be free. I wanted to see other people be free. I had seen enough people “suffering” in the darkness of their past and I suddenly understood the phrase:

“Free yourself of mental slavery.”

I had been a slave of a “mental handicap” longer than I was a physical handicapped. The thoughts of “I’m too old to learn.” “I was born poor, I will die poor.” “I’m a bad student.” “I wasn’t born to be a rocket scientist.” “If God wills it, it will happen.” These lines were all fed to me with a big spoon since my childhood and therefore I believed that I couldn’t succeed. I was made to fail. Or at least suffer while trying. I knew it, I fought it and I lost to it. Again. Again. And again! Because life was supposed to be hard. Love was supposed to be painful. And I, I was supposed to be a failure.


For some reason, during my darkest moment I saw this tiny light at the end of this tunnel I had imprisoned myself in and this tiny light signalled me. “You’ve made it this far.” “You had plenty reasons to quit, yet you didn’t.“ I remembered the moment when I could have given up, I remembered why I didn’t and realized that all I was, was what I believed myself. If I could believe in myself I would get the world to believe in my dream. As a beacon it guided me from the darkness to more light. More brightness. More life.

My dream was, and is, to recycle life. To abandon old habits, to grow stronger beyond self belief. To be wealthy in riches and in life. To love and to be loved. To understand and be understood. To feel in balance and be a force of strength for others and myself. To be of value. To be a raiser of standards. A believer of beliefs. And there I saw myself grow beyond a point I would have never believed even if you had given me it in writing.


Freed from mental slavery, I began spending time with two friends who needed someone to believe in them, and I needed them to believe in me. They are both family men now. I spend time with a man who just needed to be heard, and he listens to others now. A lady who needed to be held, she holds a whole family now. A sister that needed to be understood, who is on her path to understand children who are in need. A musician that needed to be believed and is letting others believe in their dreams. Slowly one more and one more followed that wanted to talk, to listen. To share their part in this life and rise above it. I didn’t realize it yet, but slowly I grew into the role I’m playing in this life. I raised my standards, I increased my value and while I was at it, I raised them higher in their cycle of life. And that is how I became…


The Recycled Pirate recycles life. Improves you, renews you. Brings awareness about your own life and combines it with (mental) innovations suited to you.

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