I hadn’t driven a car in three years since my Scuba dive accident in 2012. In 2015 I was walking again with a cane and believed it was time to drive again. I was saving my money that I was making from selling plants and lanterns of upcycled cans to enlist for a special Driver’s License. I wasn’t sure where to start and was putting it of for weeks till Renske Pin made some calls and made sure I knew exactly what to do.
I had to visit my physician for a physical test, which I did. I did three yoga poses and walked without my cane in her office. She signed my papers, wished me good luck and I left smiling up to the next doctor. A special physician for work related issues Mimoushka Lieuw. She listened to my story, watched me do the same yoga poses and asked me:

“What are you doing here?”
“I need a special Driver’s Licence because of my disability.”
“No you don’t. You can do this. I’m going to give you a challenge. If I arrange for you to pass a driving test, will you? You are can function as an example to others if you do.”

She called the Driver’s Licence Bureau manager and I had the luck of two open slots. Or the next morning or the next week on a Tuesday morning. I called my mom to ask if she needed her car that afternoon and the next morning. She has a stick shift and Renske has a automatic. We booked the open slot for the next morning. When Dr. Lieuw asked “Are you sure? if you do Tuesday you have 5 days to practice.” And I replied “I’m ready! I’ve been ready, I was just waiting on an opportunity.”
That afternoon Renske took me with my mother’s car to a parking lot and a closed community neighborhood and I drove for an hour and a half till my legs were exhausted. I was nervous. I had cramps. But I felt confident. It was a complete new experience because I had to learn all over again how my feet felt due to my nerve damage and the lack of sensation in the soles of my feet.

The next morning we arrived at the Driver’s Licence Bureau and we didn’t have all the papers with us. We had to drive back home, then to the Doctor’s office and back to the examiner. I felt the build up in my stomach and chest and saw an opportunity slip away…
The examiner shook my hand, introduced himself and we got in the car. I told him why I was doing the driving test and he wished me good luck. I perfectly backed the car out from its parking spot to let the car turn off on me as I was leaving the parking lot. I apologized to the examiner and explained the issue with my soles. His cool reaction was hilarious and put me completely at ease.

“Someone drove me into a wall of a graveyard once during her examination. I don’t think you can do any worse. Start the car, try again. You’ve already come so far.”

I laughed and my eyes filled with tears as I started the engine and drove off. I followed all his instructions and passed the test with ease.
Three years later I realise how important it was that 4 ladies and 1 gentleman put their faith in me. Their investment was a seed that I hope will bear many fruits as I’m driving around telling other people that I believe in them and they should believe in themselves.

Music of Choice: Teeers – Driving on my Own