First and foremost, I want to love and to be loved.

Picture by: Shalini Iyengar

I want to love in such way that the person receiving my love knows it is for real. It is genuine and kind.That she knows that she’s been seen and appreciated.
I want to be loved in such way that I’m appreciated for what I bring and for what I know. That I have someone that I can count on when I doubt and don’t know. I want it to be love by a bond of friendship where everything can be spoken of. Where we can receive each other with openness and freedom of thought. I want to be respected for the patience that I surround myself with. I want to be known for the facts that I bring honesty and growth for the people that want to share, whether it is by talking or by listening.

I want to be a better brother, uncle, father, friend, lover. I want them to know that my door is always open even when I seem far away. That no matter what, they can call on me from afar or up close. That they won’t be judged but respected for sharing. That we can make fun of our pasts and laugh at our future.

I want to create my home where everyone feels safe and protected. Where they can be free to express themselves, bare feet at ease in their light. Where conversation is there to enrich and empower the train of thought and never to diminish another person’s believes nor opinions. Everyone is valued how they entered the door and released of any burden as they walk back out into the world.

I want to have a car where I can safely transport myself and the people crossing my path. That I can pick up and deliver goods necessary to provide for me and my family. That I don’t have to worry about the gas consumption or the miles I drive as I pick up a stranger and give them a ride where a connection is created and deliver some hope to their day.

I want to succeed with my business so that the effort I put in can provide for me and the family I wish to be part of. I want to earn my keep so I can finally afford that vacation that I feel I deserved for so long. That I can afford that piña colada at the bar at The Hilton. That I don’t have to worry when I can get new glasses so I can read to become wiser. That I can do groceries so I can feed myself another day and maybe invite the neighbor for a snack too.

I want to be able to save for my future and don’t have to worry about my older days. I want to generate a steady income so I can feel safe that if my legs one day stop working as well as they do now, I can still get around and break bread with the ones that need some company. That I’m taking care of myself an my fellow man or woman. I want to have savings in the bank so I know when the washing machine breaks I can take care of it or replace it with another. So I can wash my clothes and look fresh for when I see a friendly face.

And then there is them, my ladies, my friends, my depth and desire…

I want my ladies to feel free. I want them to develop themselves as independent as feels right to them. I want them to feel intelligent enough to educate themselves with whatever they are interested by or develop their own way to provide for their future. I want them to be able to speak their truth to me or any opposition they meet. I want them to know I will back them up even when I don’t agree. I want them to talk and to listen without feeling pressured or cornered. I want them to feel they are able to fend for themselves without needing to fight for everything on their path to better themselves. I want them to learn what happiness is, how to accept it and that they will never need someone’s affirmation to dare to say:

“I want…” And speak their desire.

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