I’ve had some very long open and engaging conversations the past weeks. It’s always beautiful to feel people open up and dare to be vulnerable. The main goal is many times lost in the process of the conversation, due to their overwhelming thoughts and the many words they spume, but never for too long. I can see their minds do a cakewalk, shake their heads left to right as they go through their ups and downs, their doubts, insecurities but also, their strengths. The choices they make to better themselves is always to explore undiscovered areas in their lives. To heal their past pains or at least accept answers on questions that they walked around with for a long time. Sometimes those answers are that there is no right answer. That the past is just what was. Those moments are a beautiful yet harsh eyeopener.

There is for instance the moment when people realize they knew something all along, but just didn’t see it or want to admit it. There are those moments of sudden clarity where a person suddenly thinks “Oooooh, shit….” you see their eyes widen and their mouths open up. And there are the moments when someone realizes that whatever you believed was because you wanted to believe it, even when it wasn’t the truth. (Or not the complete truth.) It’s many times not a clear sky with a cloud passing by, but a cloudy sky where you choose the sun to shine through because you don’t want to deal with all those clouds. Guess what, the more you let those clouds roam and accumulate, the heavier the storm when it’s time to release.

We need to learn to heal in between.

When we feel it’s time to release, we many times feel lonely because the weight of what is coming down is so heavy it makes us feel weak, cold and alone. There seems no way out because everywhere you look there are clouds and wherever you move, a rainfall of sorrows keeps on following you. This is where you need the umbrella. The umbrella is a connection, a friend, a protector. This can be anyone you have a deep genuine connection with or better, an unknown person that unexpectedly crosses your path. Those bring the most magic.

The umbrella gives you the time to talk, to speak of your sorrows, your disbelieve, your pain and let you release under his or her safety without judgement. An umbrella doesn’t judge. An umbrella doesn’t care if you’re male or female, black, white, yellow or every shade of the rainbow. An umbrella cares for you, for the moment it’s there and that it can be held up. And that’s what I am in many cases.

I have conversations about deeper lying issues that many times have causes a tremendous amount of soul pain. Blockages that have hold people back. That don’t allow them to own themselves or to love themselves. Ultimately they imprison their spirit or they free themselves. The breakthrough moments can be divorces, childhood issues, a painful loss. You could say any emotional disruptive moment in a life.

Bob Marley sang many many years ago Emancipate yourself of mental slavery, none but ourself can free our mind.” I’m not sure if he meant it in my context, but I know he couldn’t have spoken more words of truth. Emancipating yourself is not easily done. So that’s where my skills come in. My task in life is to help people lighten their load. Chop the hard parts of life into pieces so they are better to understand. I’ve had to learn it for myself the hard way, alone. And in the past two years I’ve been sharing my experience and helping other free themselves. Sometimes one little bit at the time and sometimes with dynamite.

I am not a therapist and definitely not a psychologist. I read some of the books they read. I have listened to many of them, but my approach is not the approach of an academic. I am human and have experienced life as such and will approach you as such.

In our society I’m seen as a life coach, some see me as a lightworker. A friend called me a Holistic Social Worker. However you want to call it, I’m a helper. A friend in times of need. Consider me as a Conscious Human, a Sustainable Thinker and a Creative Instigator. I can help you heal in between. 

Contact me if you need a friend and let’s have a sit down.

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Music of Choice: Bob Marley – Redemption Song