2nd Life Curaçao was founded by Andy Kirchner (a.k.a. The Recycled Pirate) in 2013. As 2nd Life Curaçao‘s name indicates, we are all about creating a 2nd chance at life.

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The 2nd chances are created by using products that can be recycled and passed on to their next cycle in life. We live by the 3 R’s; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This way we can keep the cost low and help the ones that really need that 2nd chance at life.

2nd Life Curaçao creates stories with products, functional art as you will, that would otherwise go to waste. The people telling these stories are just as interesting as the end result itself.

Our slogan: We Recycle Life. It tells our stories of creating a new social and sustainable world by creating 2nd chances for natural resources, waste material and mankind.

2nd Life Curaçao started as a pain management exercise for Andy Kirchner that soon grew into a hobby and from there took it’s own course as Andy saw his way off his disability welfare and be financially independent. Teaming up with Indra de Baerdemaeker 2nd Life Curaçao is taking the shape to go in full flight giving workshops and helping everyone find their creative purpose in life.

Visit our webshop https://www.facebook.com/pg/2ndLifeCuracao/shop

You can find 2nd Life Curaçao artwork in several stores in Curaçao:

You can also find our artistic products all around the world. Just follow the hashtag #2ndLifeCuracaoAroundTheWorld

For inquiries and workshops: 2ndLifeCuracao@gmail.com


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