Photo Credit: Caroline Castendijk

Andy is the name, positive rebelling is the game.
Negativity has been thrown overboard
when I stepped out of a chair with wheels

I decided enough is enough, and no one rules a pirate’s life.

I am forever a child at heart.

I became a rebel by cause and a warrior by choice,
I recycled life like no other could.

I founded 2nd Life Curaçao and The Recycled Pirate.
Shareholder of Buccaneer’s Enterprises B.V.

I’m on a journey since…

As a social “entrepreneur”, I am a creative instigator
and I spread my passion and inspiration around.

My blogs function as my Tinkerbell,
while I give you a few peeks into my life.

Hopefully we can learn from each other, in good and in bad.

Stay in love. or leave in peace.

Photo Credit: Leonid Antonia

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