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The Recycled Pirate

After a life altering accident that was supposed to leave me paralyzed, I found a new purpose in life. I quickly realized that if I wanted to walk again, I had to change my mindset as it relates to my emotional health and my self-expression. Sitting in a wheelchair I had plenty of time to contemplate life and that’s when I desired to earn a spot on a TEDx stage. After four years of hard work I accomplished that dream in 2016 and I realized I had more to give to the world than working 4 years for 15 minutes of fame. I had created a project in the previous years, 2nd Life Curaçao, to get me from a disability check (welfare) to become a small business owner. It even won me the JCI IOBA Aspiring Creative Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2015 and as my cycle from wheelchair to social entrepreneur completed, I understood that the message I was taught, wasn’t mine to keep. I started coaching people that were dealing with life’s difficulties and still felt I was playing small. It is easy listening to someone for me and give them advice on how to solve it, but I wanted to go deeper into the human programming and really understand why we feel sad, angry or jealous. This led me to meditation, mindfulness, yoga and alter my mindset completely. What I realized in this journey that everything I learned I already had in me. I just didn’t know… It became my calling to plant as many seeds in as many people as possible and teach them that they are powerful beyond means. As I spoke in more classrooms and at large corporations, I would get personal questions and I understood that the message starts within us. People want to know their why. Their how. And their what. I decided to write those answers in daily quotes on Instagram and Facebook, but soon wanted them to become physical. We are touching our phones enough and how can I coach people without being there? By creating recycled paper postcards and organic fair trade cotton t-shirt with quotes that came straight from my coaching and public speaking business. If I can re-learn to walk, that means I can relearn how to think and now it my turn to help as many people as possible starting with you. Find me on Instagram or Twitter or watch my TEDx Aruba Talk From Wheelchair to Social Entrepreneur here

How I met Alton

While rehabilitating from my Spinal Cord Injury my attention was drawn by this kid in a wheelchair that was starting a foundation with his own name to make change happen for people with a disability, Spinal Cord Injury specifically. A nurse had mentioned him to lift my spirit. "You're not the only one fighting." She said. And it sparked a bit of hope in a room where hope seemed to be difficult to find.

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I want to…; A wishlist.

I want them to learn what happiness is, how to accept it and that they will never need someone's affirmation to dare to say:

I want...

Driver’s License, 3 Year Anniversary

I hadn't driven a car in three years since my Scuba dive accident in 2012. In 2015 I was walking again with a cane and believed it was time to drive again. I was saving my money that I was... Continue Reading →

I have come from a long journey

I'm a Pirate at 41 and never have I had so many questions, never have I ever wondered, wandered and discovered as much as I do now. In a weird confident way I am doing very well answering questions that haunted me for life.

Where did all this work come from?

I see a world where we are. supposedly, connected, but people are just overwhelmed with questions. The past is gone but left the scars behind for them to carry.

I wish we could love

“I see you.
You are beautiful. To me. For me.
You are everything that should be seen
by this world full of make believe.
You are real. You are loved. You are safe.”

Me too; A confession

I wish I could say I didn’t know better. I wish I had an excuse but all I could say would never take away my mistakes. However, I’m not going to stop there. I have a plan and I’ve been committing to it. I’m going to confess, I’m going to grow and I’m going to educate myself and all men and women, I can see or touch, around me.

Who, What, Why is that The “Recycled” Pirate

I took the little bit of life that was left of me and I went to change it. I had to see everything with open eyes, open mind and a forgiving heart.

I set on a new path of RECYCLING (my) LIFE!

I want to show you my world

I live in the world that I can share and it is magic. I see creations, people standing and applauding. I see people loving and caring. I feel people, and they want to share more but they are lost in a false sense of life. There are no right answers other than the right questions, and those make you challenge you.

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