In a way of “sharing is caring” I started writing my experiences in 2012. Hidden away from society as I was learning to walk again, I shared my daily struggles and frustration with a dosage of hope to overcome my shames and fears to be this new me. First I experimented with tweets, followed by a photoblog of selfdiscovery on Instagram and completed it with a resuraction on Facebook. My stories opened themselves up more as my interactions deepend with the responses I received. Soon an attempt to a blog followed and in the years that followed it has become this site, where I not only offer my services, but also my history and experiences of life. Read all I had to write so far on My Blog or listen, watch and feel the music that inspired my blog posts: TRP’s Music of Choice on my YouTube Channel.

Andy kerstival Cafe Traffic
Kerstival 2005 Cafe Traffic, Zwolle

Before all the Blog posts there was poetry. My first came at the age of twelve in 1988. Walking home from school the words just popped up in my head. They were about fear and loss and my grandmother who was diagnosed with cancer. Many followed in the years after, including stage appearances during the Vrije Val Theater 2004 in Hedon, Zwolle, The Netherlands. An open stage for artists and during the Bevrijdingsfestival 2005 where I had a and audio and visual performance. Soon classes followed for De Muzerie, Centrum voor Kunst & Cultuur which continued till 2008.

Take a stroll through my words on my poetry page and feel them with me. Most are in Dutch although some are in Papiamentu and English.

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