Conscious Connection Final Edit

Conscious Connections is about making connections that are genuine. That you choose to make and to learn from. Where you can allow yourself to just be. It’s about being open and honest. About being vulnerable and strong. It’s about embracing your femininity and masculinity and finding a balance together in acceptance of each other.

We come together every first Monday of the month at parke Den Dunki at 7.00 pm in small gatherings and after a moment of introduction and rooting we set on a guided meditation. The park breathes and provides a calming atmosphere and is the perfect place for open conversations and healing.

Bring your own cup for a refill, a refreshing beverage will be provided. Also bring a yoga mat or blanket and or pillow so you can be as comfy as possible.

If you would like to receive a reminder, email and you’ll be added to the event on Google calendar.

For all Conscious Connections events: participation is free, a donation appreciated.

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