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“Hopi great! Inspiring, motivational, giving meaning to life! Start over! Danki. Bo a drecha mi dia awe!”

Cristina Vlieg
Praktijkbegeleider SBO Eligia Martier
February 6 2017

“This was a very inspirational workshop and everybody needs to hear about it. A great team building session. Keep up with the great work. Celebrations! The name says it all…”

Marilse Statie
Managing Director Celebrations Wedding & Event Planner
November 8 2016

“I have heard about sustainability but never this workshop. It made me aware of my own part of my sustainability factor. Thank you Andy for adding awareness to my life.”

Karin Hermans
Psychiatrist Capriles Kliniek
June 5 2016

“Your connection to participants is so funny and in a confident way. You really are an inspiring soul.”

Arvela Noor
Manager Vistra Curaçao N.V.
June 5 2016

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