Public Speaking

Andrew “Andy” Kirchner is known and respected for his positive and interactive way of communicating. He knows how to bring his message across and reach that one emotion that allows you to truly connect. Andy has about 20 years of stage experience as a dance and poetry teacher and professional speaker.

Package starts at NAf. 225,00

A special tariff may apply for your school or Non Governmental Organization, please contact us for additional information.

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World Ocean Day 2017 - Curaçao Sea Aquarium Photo Credit: Turtle & Ray Productions

Coaching & Guidance

Are you having trouble to cope with stress, overcome loss and/or deal with your anxiety? Do you want to maximise your potential? Are you looking to uncover your creative process?

Than you have come to the right place!

  • Self doubts
  • Insecurities
  • Fear
  • Embarrassment
  • Shame
  • Procrastination

They all create Uncertainty

The Recycled Pirate | Life Awareness & Innovations helps you to unleash that talent that’s hiding inside you. Uncover your true self and become the creator of your own future.

The Recycled Pirate , Andy Kirchner, will hand you all necessary tools to recreate your life into that one of a kind masterpiece. Learn how to coach yourself with small and easy steps towards a great journey. Choose a program or start with the One on One Session to find your path.

All sessions are also available in Dutch and Papiamentu.

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Mindfulness & Meditation

Being Mindful is the new cool but how does it work? And does it work for you? There is no straight answer and it takes time and commitment. If you are willing to change your life for the better and understand your emotions, you will become an even more well balanced version of you.

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Single sessions 1 hour NAf. 85,00
(Group sessions available on request)


Personal Coaching

Are your struggling with yourself or is your situation holding you back? Andrew Kirchner alias The Recycled Pirate will guide you through it. You will learn how to coach yourself and where needed we will stand by you with the necessary tools to become that brighter version of you.

Weekly sessions will help you uncover your true self.
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Single sessions 1 hour NAf. 85,00


Couple Counseling

Dare you be so open to your partner that you can be vulnerable yet strong? Couple sessions unlayers that what you didn’t know was holding you back. Embrace your masculine and female balance and create a strong empowered love life.

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Couple sessions 1 hour NAf. 150,00


Social & Digital Media

With our Social Media consult we’ll set up your Social Media Network and connect to other Social Media as Facebook, Twitter, InstagramTumblr, etc. We’ll share our knowledge on how to build a following, create great content and which hashtags to use.

We’ll give away our secrets and tell you who to follow to learn more related to your brand.

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Single sessions 1 hour NAf. 85,00

Double Sessions 2 hours NAf. 165,00


The Google Experience

  • Installation of all useful Google Apps for your convenience on your phone, tablet and laptop.
  • Handson explanation and live training.
  • Special discount rate and more options available.
  • Including TRP The Google Experience (Introduction).

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Single sessions 1 hour NAf. 85,00 / $ 48.00

Double Sessions 2 hours NAf. 165,00 / $ 93.00

Package deal 2 sessions of 2 hours NAf. 320,00 / $ 180.00


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